8 Reasons I LOVE Annual Homecoming

Every year about this time I look forward to attending the SBC of Virginia’s Annual Homecoming celebration. It is one of my favorite trips I take every year. I personally value networking and relationships so sending me to Annual Homecoming is like hyping up a little kid and turning them loose in a candy store. I really do get that excited for this event and here are several of the reasons why:

  1. Church planting is valued by our state convention so awareness is made, not just for Rising Church, but for all of our state-wide church planting efforts.
  2. I get to spend time with friends that I wouldn’t normally get a chance to hang out with for 2 days.
  3. I get to network with like-minded pastors from all over the state and make new friends.
  4. It’s a great excuse to wear my neon green church planting polo that was provided to me by the state convention (I may be the only planter out of the 70+ planters in our state who authentically loves this shirt!).
  5. They bring in great speakers and worship every year so my cup is filled up during our Worship Sessions.
  6. Great ideas and best practices are shared in dozens of breakout sessions during the day. My problem is picking out which of the breakouts to attend.
  7. I’m grateful for the coalition of churches that we are a part of which is made possible by the SBC of Virginia.
  8. I am reminded of how many people believe in our church plant and are cheering us on from all over Virginia!